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Vigevano is a town in northern Italy about 40 km. from Milano. It is considered an historic art town, and is renowned for shoe making and is in a rice-growing district. I went to Milano for a few days over the National Workers holiday to see my dear friends Gabriella and Rino. They decided that a car trip to Vigevano would be a nice excursion to take on a rare … Read More


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It is a common practice when you travel to Italy and spend more than a day or two in any given place you find your bar. You want it to be a local place opposed to a tourist haute. Relaxed and friendly. I found all of these things in Bar D Angolo at Porta Romana when Zoe and I spent 2 1/2 months living in Firenze fall of … Read More

Cimitero degli Allori/Allori Cemetary

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Within blocks of where I live is this beautiful cemetery. I have seen it numerous times on the bus always reminding myself to go back and take a look around.  Finally I did just that thanks to a cultural event hosted by AILO. We were scheduled to go a month ago but it was canceled because of the cold rainy weather.  I think the temperature was around 30 degrees fahrenheit.  What … Read More

AILO Florence

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I have been in a Florence now for 21 months.  The first year was about getting familiar to my new country, my neighborhood, new lifestyle and new friends.  When you have worked most of your life it does take sometime to get adjusted to not working on a regular basis.  I love it here and I know I made the right decision for Zoe and I.  About 9 … Read More


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Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in central Italy. Florence Is the home to some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture, including Michelangelo’s “David”s statue, the Duomo basilica and Botticelli’s works in the Uffizi Gallery. It is also surrounded by wonderful little towns and villages. Most people who come here on holiday go to Siene and San Gimignano, but there are so many … Read More

Giardino Torrigiani 2

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On the far side of the gardens you will find a 16th-Century palazzo that has been turned into a spectacular B & B. Ad*Astra is a unique guesthouse that occupies the main first floor of the Marchese Torrigiani family villa. It has seven rooms and they have kept the aristocratic history-frescoes ceilings, carved double doors but styled in a contemporary manner It’s always a treat when you find a place in … Read More

Giardino Torrigiani

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You have read many times where I have said “this is one of my favorite places in Florence.” Now I am going to say this is my favorite place in Florence, Giardino Torrigiani.  On the Otranto side of the Arno river, about a 10 minute walk up Via dei Serragli is the largest privately owned garden in Europe. You could easily pass by without even noticing it, and many locals … Read More

Giusti Palace and La Maison Du Couturier

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After my wonderful time in the Gardens of Gusti I toured the Palace.  The palace is a 16th century Mannerist structure.   “Mannerism is an artistic movement that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe in the 16th Century. It had a major impact on painting, and influenced sculpture and architecture as well. The movement emerged during the height of the Renaissance, when the Roman Catholic Church was … Read More

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