A Change of Life

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The  last few days before leaving for Zoe and my new life in Florence

have been crazy, challenging a yes stressful.  I just kept my eye on

the rainbow at the end of the tunnel and plugged forward, knowing

it was all worth it in the end.



I shipped a pallet of special things to Florence for our new apartment and what won’t fit will go

storage and there.  Everything else I sold or gave away.  I am leaving nothing In California.


The last 2 nights we slept on the floor but that was just fine.

Zoe was a little confused but that’s ok, she is a real trooper.

The last 4 days are at a hotel by the airport and a little relax time

finally.  Next post will be from Florence, Italy.


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  1. Alanah
    | Reply

    Ciao! Alanah from Scotland here, hope Zoe hasn’t knocked over any more glasses of prosecco! Dinner last night was fab! Gracias!

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      So nice to hear from you. I enjoyed talking to you and your friends. I hope
      Your who I think you are.

  2. Anna
    | Reply

    Ciao Sally,

    I assume Zoe flew in the passenger cabin with you? Am debating taking my dog, he us not small enough for the cabin…..we have a reservation on the Queen Mary 2, but having second thoughts about taking him…be glad to read about your travels with Zoe!

    Anna in SoCal

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Hi Anna yes she did and it went very well if your only staying s couple weeks it might not be worth the paperwork to bring her

  3. Eric
    | Reply

    Hi Sally, so happy for you. Sounds and looks like you are settling in!! I look forward to reading more……


    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you Eric. We are very happy here. Come visit.

  4. robert valentino
    | Reply

    Buon Giorno,
    What a great adventure, I know you will be happy there. If I get back to Italia, i will certainly be in touch with you.
    Buona Fortuna !

    Roberto Valentino

  5. robert valentino
    | Reply

    see comment

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