Aging out of place

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Recently I was contacted by Erica Manfred a journalist for Senior Plant an online publication.  They are doing a series called Aging out of Place. It is about people over 65 who have picked up roots and moved to a foreign country by themselves.  Sounds like me so we did a phone interview.  

It was lots of fun and Erica did a great job.  To read the interview click here.

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  1. Christopher Bogush
    | Reply

    I like your statement “You create what you want, it doesn’t come and knock on your door. ” Words to live by!

  2. Efrat Blum
    | Reply

    I loved the article, Sally!!! You’re famous, congratulations!!

  3. DAVID
    | Reply

    really liked reading the article with all the details. Atl show (busy) going on now….we miss you.

    • Christopher Bogush
      | Reply

      Agreed. Our neighborhood isn’t the same without Sally and Zoe seen trekking the streets of West Hollywood.

  4. Michele
    | Reply

    Such a great article Sally. You are my hero! We still miss you but we are so happy for you. I have a feeling you might be the new adviser for relocating seniors. xo

  5. MaryPat Scorzetti
    | Reply

    I just read the article about your reimagined life in Florence. Your adventurous spirit and success in relocating was a call to action for me.
    So glad you have Zoe as a trusted companion. Best of luck in your new home and new life!

  6. Richard
    | Reply

    Guess Who??
    I read you interview, it was if you were talking to me.
    I want to do something but I am stuck in that rut you so perfectly spoke about.

    Yes I am the person that thinks about everything you mentioned. I sit on my ass and do nothing, Inbusiness I got out and did it. I just can’t get out of my own

    Maybe this gets me thinking to do something.
    Thanks … I hope it sets a fire under me and I take the bull by the horns.

    Thanks. Much love …. your doing great

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