Assis and Bastia

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I mentioned in a previous post I participated in a silent auction to benefit the earthquake victims in Umbria and Le Marche. I also bought a 2 night stay in an apartment in Assisi. With all he traveling John and I have done in Italy I have been to Assisi.  After looking at Brigolante Guest Apartments web site I knew I was in for a treat.

Assisi is next to Bastia where my friend Catherine Bolton lives parttime and she was having a birthday party in Bastia.  As we all know this is a very small world and one of Catherine’s friends is Rebecca Winkke the owner of Brigolante.  We coordinated our schedules and I was able to use one of my nights and go to the party.  

Myself, Zoe and 2 other friends of Catherine’s, Sarah and Amy took the train to Bastia for what we knew would be a really fun experience.

The Brigolante is right in the center of Assisi, it was a perfect location and a really charming place. This is my terrace with a wonderful view in all directions.

I really love the building roof tops in Italy  I cannot get enough of the terracotta tiles.



Zoe gave her approval.


The apartment was really nice and I recommend it highly .

Now it was time to explore Assisi. This is walking down from the apartment.


This is where my walkway lead to, Piazza del Commune. This is the fountain of the three lions.

The Tempio di Minervaa is a 14th century Gothic-style church built from a former Greek temple and still retains its facade.




Right off the square is a small arched area with this beautiful bronze ball. I’m sorry to say I have not been able to find out anything about it.

On the ceiling are “grotesque frescos” The Grotesques are a particular type of parietal type of parietal of panietal pictorial decoration that is rooted in Romanesque painting of the Augustan era aroun 27 BC.  Grotesque decoration is characterized by the representation of hybrid and monstrous beings. 


The predominately imaginative and playful illustration does not always pursue a purely ornamental function, but sometimes  also has a didactic and encyclopedic purpose, reproducing inventories of the art and sciences.

 Piazza Chiesa Nuova has this little church dating back to 1398. It was built on the site of Saint Francis’ family home,an important landmark for pilgrims retracing the footsteps of the Saint.

In the plaza in front of the church there is the bronze statue by Roberto Joppolo of the parents of St. Francis.





In the main square you find this charming carousel.

And this gorgeous view.

Could not pass Up this beautiful background, plus show off my great little traveler.


I think I saw more nuns in Assisi than in my entire time in Firenze. They giggled like school girls when I asked to take their picture  

Now for a he reason I gave here in the first place. The party!  At the end of that fabulous food table is Catherine’sbeautiful and wonderful daughter Barbara. She is a first class organizer.

I don’t have to tell you who the birthday girl is. Impossible not to have a good time with her.

My new passion is coloring and I like to give them as cards. The  You 

Thanks to these four ladies it was a really special trip. From left Sarah, Catherine, Amy and Rebbeca.





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  1. Charlotte
    | Reply

    What a wonderful review! We enjoyed it and you are so knowledgeable about everything.
    I said to Bill we probably would walk past half the things you notice and write about..
    Loved it… Thanks

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you Char I always love your comments

  2. colleen
    | Reply

    Love the cake, and all of the food! I am ready to eat!

    The other pictures were amazing, and educational.


  3. Ruth
    | Reply

    Wow Sally, Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. something I would probably never seen if it wasn’t for you. Just beautiful❤️

  4. Adrienne
    | Reply

    What a lovely visit you had to Assisi. It is always so special to be able to share in such beautiful surroundings with great friends. I was also in Assisi for 10 days and my 27 year old son met me there and together we experienced the amazing Feste di Calendimaggio of Assisi. We had front row seats to this amazing outdoor spectacle where the whole town dresses in Medieval garb and have lots of song and dance contests between the upper part of Assisi and the lower part. This complete with period instruments and music, fire eating, and pigs and sheep, and flag throwers and drummers, was an extravaganza I will never forget.

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