I am a Lucky Girl

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When I had made the decision to move to Florence, Italy I set out to find my “perfect” new home.

i knew exactly what area I wanted to live since I spent sometime here last year and that is

a big hurdle conquered. There are a few 

Short and long term rental agencies in Florence and I searched endlessly determined I would find the

right place. After hitting  a dead end and also I was not happy with the lack off

quick response from any of these companies.

I some how stumbled on the web site of TUSCAN FEELING. I liked the ease of their web site 

right away and there was an apartment in the exact neighborhood I wanted to live. It also

had the two bedrooms and baths I wanted. Within a matters of days I had additional pictures 

that I had requested and we finalized the lease.  These are niceest people and most

professional to work with.  What a lucky girl I am!

After being here a couple of weeks I had the great pleasure of meeting the couple 

who own the apartment. I must say again what a lucky girl I am.

not only did I find my “perfect” place but made new friends. I had a wonderful lunch 

with Rita, her lovely mother and husband Fulvio.  To make things even better they

invited me to have a Florentine home cooked meal at Rita’s mothers house

the following week.


They invited two family friends and The cute young man on the left was our translator .


Exactly what I had hoped for.  


Rita is as nice as she is pretty.


Emma their daughter is a little doll and a daddy’s girl. This was a wonderful evening.

I am a lucky girl.

When I was here last fall I decided I needed an Italian haircut and had read about


On a blog from my favorite blogger


I made an appointment with Favio the owner and got my best haircut ever!


 This is when I realized I could l move to Florence.

I was here two weeks and went back to Favio and got that same great haircut.


Yes I am a very lucky girl.

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  1. colleen kasper
    | Reply


    So happy for your and Zoe.


  2. Gemma
    | Reply

    Yes, you ARE!!

  3. Vicky Chambers
    | Reply

    I am so happy for you. Love your blog. I feel like I am right there with you. Take care.

  4. suzanna
    | Reply

    So excited for you!

  5. julie okeefe
    | Reply

    Very Cute Haircut, You Look Adorable! xoxo

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you Julie. I feel really good.

  6. David kattan
    | Reply

    I love hearing about your life in Italy.
    So glad to hear that all is going so well.

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you David. We are very happy here and it has been beyond our expectations.

  7. Shani
    | Reply

    Happy to see you happy!

  8. Shani
    | Reply

    Love your posts!

  9. Eric
    | Reply

    Love your update! Sounds like you are having a great time!

  10. Marina
    | Reply

    SALLY!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So truly happy for you (and jealous lol)

    Can’t wait to embark on your adventures. Un bacione ed un abbraccio fortissimo muah!

  11. Rita
    | Reply

    Sally, I am a client at Wave too!

  12. Paul Carrocino
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday – At least I got to you Blog!!

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