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In July Zoe and I celebrated our one year anniversary of moving to Firenze.  One of the true joys of this move has been the many friends that we have made in relatively a short time. I decided I wanted to have a party to celebrate these friendships.  I also wanted to honor my friend and Italian teacher, Lucia, who is going to a Boston to teach Italian at a Holy Cross college. 

I wanted a restaurant venue that was cozy and away from the other restaurant guests.

I selected MOMIO, a fairly new restaurant in the San Frediano neighborhood on my side of the river. I have had lunch here a few times and loved everything about it.

Nadia and Marco are charming and very devoted to give their guest a complete experience. Good and different food, a sophisticated but not stuffy atmosphere at affordable prices.

They have a very nice dining area upstairs but when I saw their lounge/dining room down stairs I knew I had found the perfect spot.

They created small seating areas where we could mingle and move around with ease.


Their eclectic array of furniture and accessories gives the place a welcoming ambiance.

Zoe was immediately at home and found her spot.

My guests were as happy with the pace as I was.  Nadia was the perfect hostess Putting everyone at ease. We felt we were in someone’s home  

Lucia is the pretty girl sitting in the middle. I will miss her very much but I know what a good opportunity this is for her.

I had pride in the fact that the Italians out numbered the Americans. Marco and Cecilia I have known the longest being that Cecilia put together John and my first trip to Italy in 2001, through her company UNUSUAL ITALY.

 They also have an incredible Villa in Tuscany that they rent out. Take a look at this beautiful place, PODERE SCONPICCIOLO.

Rita has just started a new venture, a luxury vacation planning company, Tuscany by Design and the 3 are brainstorming.

From left to right we have Brian and Lisa, they are here for several months from Australia. I am happy to have met them and introduce them to Lucia for Italian lessons.  You might recognize Paolo Carandini the blog I did on his exquisite leather boxes. His studio is a real treat at Borgo Alegri,7 go see him.  The lady at the end with the beautiful smile is a Efrat who lives in New York but comes to Firenze as often as she can to see a Paolo and now me. 

I love this picture, it’s fun when you have friends and then they become friends as well. Catherine I met within weeks of our arrival in Firenze and we clicked immediately. She is a highly regarded translator and a ton of fun.  Sherri Ellis

Is a true entrepreneur along with her adorable husband. Most recent is her Women’s Empowerment group, I have gotten involved to meet the incredible ladies she attracts.

Tatriana is a friend of Lucia who also teaches Italian and she might be a good transition for me and  Lucia’s other clients.  Sarah is a new friend and I could not be happier to say that. she is a translator and also teaches English . She is also very cute.  

This is Niccolò who is one half of my favorite Panini place,Semel. I love it for many reasons, the food obviously, the people I have met there and for Niccolò and Marco. I had a huge treat this morning when I found out that today is his birthday and h decided to spend it with us.  

I feel really bad that I did not take more pictures of all the fabulous food we were served. This is the only picture I took 

Here is the menu  I hope it gives you some idea how great this culinary night was like.



I am sorry this is not everyone that was there but with prosecco and wine and having a lot of fun I thought of this a little late  

I wanted everyone to take home a memory so I called on my artisan friend Maria who does wire bookmarks to do the Firenze lily Which is found everywhere in this city. 

WOW a great night  Thank you for letting me share it.




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  1. Denese Rhea Day
    | Reply

    Oh, Sally, this makes me so happy for you! A glorious evening for you & precious little Zoe. Bliss in Italy. I thought of you all eve yesterday.
    Grazie mille for the pics & story. Love ~•

  2. danny thompson
    | Reply

    Congratulations on the wise decision to move there. Hard to believe it’s been a year! You look fabulous and happy.

  3. Annie
    | Reply

    I felt real joy when I read your post xx

  4. Vrtiak
    | Reply

    What a great evening…only wish I could have been there! Thanks

  5. Eric
    | Reply

    What a happy event! One year flew by! Wish I could have been there!!


  6. Colleen
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing!

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Charlotte
    | Reply

    Wow a year already? I thought you were only staying a year but from the looks of things I think I know better!

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      No I never had any intentions of going back. I just renewed my lease for 4 years,

      • Charlotte

        Good for you. I know you are happy there?❤️?

  8. Uilani Osborne
    | Reply

    Awesome! What a nice way to celebrate your new life and friends!!

  9. Terry
    | Reply

    Congratulations! Happy one year. I miss Firenze and all my friends, but I have a one month old grandson, Mica, who keeps my longings at bay. Hope to see you next year.

  10. Efrat
    | Reply

    What a fantastic night it was, and it says everything about how great you are. We all hit it off because we all have one important thing In common; our love for you, Sally!!! Happy first year in Firenze to you and Zoe, and many more to come!!!!

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you so much that means a lot to me.

  11. David kattan
    | Reply

    I’m so happy that you have such a great life there. I would have loved to be there.
    I will make it to visit you soon though.

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