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Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in central Italy. Florence Is the home to some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture, including Michelangelo’s “David”s statue, the Duomo basilica and Botticelli’s works in the Uffizi Gallery. It is also surrounded by wonderful little towns and villages. Most people who come here on holiday go to Siene and San Gimignano, but there are so many … Read More

Giardino Torrigiani 2

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On the far side of the gardens you will find a 16th-Century palazzo that has been turned into a spectacular B & B. Ad*Astra is a unique guesthouse that occupies the main first floor of the Marchese Torrigiani family villa. It has seven rooms and they have kept the aristocratic history-frescoes ceilings, carved double doors but styled in a contemporary manner It’s always a treat when you find a place in … Read More

Giardino Torrigiani

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You have read many times where I have said “this is one of my favorite places in Florence.” Now I am going to say this is my favorite place in Florence, Giardino Torrigiani.  On the Otranto side of the Arno river, about a 10 minute walk up Via dei Serragli is the largest privately owned garden in Europe. You could easily pass by without even noticing it, and many locals … Read More

Giusti Palace and La Maison Du Couturier

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After my wonderful time in the Gardens of Gusti I toured the Palace.  The palace is a 16th century Mannerist structure.   “Mannerism is an artistic movement that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe in the 16th Century. It had a major impact on painting, and influenced sculpture and architecture as well. The movement emerged during the height of the Renaissance, when the Roman Catholic Church was … Read More

Giardino dei Giusti, Verona

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i took my third trip to Verona recently and it turned out to be my favorite trip.  All three trips were initiated becauseof tickets to see Zucchero at the area.  The first trip Zoe and I spent most of our time in the center where most of the tourist hang out.  For us it was too noisy and crowded.  The second trip we stayed on the other side … Read More

Random Florence

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This post is a collection of random pictures I have taken in Florence that don’t fit into any other blog post. The most iconic sights in Florence that you never get tired of taking pictures of are the river Arno and the Duomo. The reflection that you get of the building in the water and the cloud formations can be spectacular.         You can catch a glimpse of … Read More

Recuperando / Recovering

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A few months back a long time customer of mine contacted me that he was coming to Firenze to do some buying and could I suggest some places for him to visit.  Eric buys for one of the finest garden centers in Southern California, Roger’s Gardens. He was in the he market for Italian terra-cotta and antiques.  I contacted my go to person for everything Italian, Cecilia who along … Read More

Trees and Hydrangeas

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It is important when you make a change to a new place to try too assimilate as best you can.  As most Italians go on holiday in August so did Zoe and I.  This especially important when living in Firenze because of the unrelenting heat.  In July and August it is typically 90-95 but his year it moved from 95 to,over 100.  It is actually the hottest place in … Read More

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