Santo Stefano Al Ponte

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Santo Stefano Al Ponte in the heart of Florence near to Ponte Vecchio is a magnificent deconsecrated church. It is one of the oldest in Florence first mentioned in 1100.  In 2015 it was reopened to the public as a venue for art exhibits and concerts. i went New Year’s Eve for a concert inspired by the world-renowned “Three Tenors” of LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, PLACIDO DOMINGO and JOSE CARRRERAS.   The … Read More

Aging out of place

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Recently I was contacted by Erica Manfred a journalist for Senior Plant an online publication.  They are doing a series called Aging out of Place. It is about people over 65 who have picked up roots and moved to a foreign country by themselves.  Sounds like me so we did a phone interview.   It was lots of fun and Erica did a great job.  To read the interview … Read More

Holidays in Firenze

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To say I was excited to see Firenze during the holidays is an understatement.  I have gathering pictures since December 8 when holiday decorating starts. Thank goodness later than in the United States, it becomes more of an event. All the different neighborhoods put up lights, some more dramatic than others.  In my near neighborhood of Porto Romamo they decided on the balllon motif. With many of the … Read More


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A few weeks back Zoe and I took the train to Milano.  I have been here more times than any other city in Italy do to the fact our good friends Rino and Gabriella live here. I love Milano for this reason as well as the great energy it has.  it also has some really great apartment courtyards enabling me to get some nice photos away from the … Read More

My Logo

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Eleven years ago today (30/11/2005)John and I got married.  We were married by the mayor in Lemna, Italy.  A small town in the hills above Lake Como. Our good friends Rino and Gabriel who live in Milano stood up for us and helped us arrange for this very special day with the help of the mayors assistant, Monica Meroni. It was a gorgeous day. It had snowed the day … Read More

Verona/The Arena

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The Verona Arena (picture above) was built in the first century.  It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large scale proformances held here. Opera, ballet and music concerts.  My reason for going to Verona when I did was to see my very favorite performer, Zucchero (Sugar). I have been a big fan for a couple years and a year ago when he announced he … Read More


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A few weeks ago Zoe and I took the train to Verona.  I have never been there and have heard so many nice things about it. Verona is in the northern part of Italy and built around the Adige River about 2 hours by train from Florence. It is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. A 14th-century residence with a tiny balcony (pictured above) is … Read More

Forte di Belvedere

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Forte di Belvedere s located in the southern hills of the Arno River on the highest hill of the Boboli Gardens. The fortress was built in 1590 by Bernardo Buontalenti who is also the inventor of the much loved gelato. Getting here requires a car or good walking stamina.  It is a very steep hill to climb but well worth it. Once you are there you are greeted by … Read More

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