Recuperando / Recovering

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A few months back a long time customer of mine contacted me that he was coming to Firenze to do some buying and could I suggest some places for him to visit.  Eric buys for one of the finest garden centers in Southern California, Roger’s Gardens.

He was in the he market for Italian terra-cotta and antiques.  I contacted my go to person for everything Italian, Cecilia who along with her husband Marco own the finish for rent villa in Tuscany, Podere Scopicciolo.

She told me the best place for terra-cotta, antiques for the garden, vintage tiles and a myriad of other treasures was RecuperandoThis place is in Forte dei Marmi about an hour and half north-west of Firenze. We hired a car and driver and off we went.

It was everything we hoped for and more.

It’s a large place and you just didn’t know where to start.  Eric was beaming ear to ear and I was very happy to be a part of this discovery  


In my sales rep days I represented several companies that sold reproductions of many of these things so it was especially fun for me to see the real thing.  

I also sold some Italian terra-cotta and one of a kind pieces.  I felt back at home in this environment.


This is vintage tiles of every design you can imagine. 




Fabulous antique gates.  They ship all over the world




This was a wonderful find and I look forward to going back.

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  1. gabriella guerci
    | Reply

    Very interesting as ever. Thank you Sally.

  2. gabriella guerci
    | Reply

    Looking forward to see a new post. very interesting as ever


  3. Darlene
    | Reply

    Really amazing.. rows and rows of amazing items. Did your friend/customer find any good items?

  4. Efrat
    | Reply

    Next time, please take me with you!

  5. Karen Panicali
    | Reply

    What a find!
    When I am settled, we will go together!

  6. Victor
    | Reply

    Sally, Very very well done! I had no idea this place existed so close to Firenze. Collector’s paradise!

  7. Patty Logan
    | Reply

    So cool! I love your posts.This is some great eye candy!

  8. Uilani Osborne
    | Reply

    Oh absolutely wonderful!! I would go crazy in this place!!!!

  9. Charlotte
    | Reply

    Love the dogs at the end. We always had two dogs on our front porch in Appleton and down here .

  10. Barbara
    | Reply

    Very cool Sally!

  11. Maura Hennessy
    | Reply

    Great place! I would have fun there.

  12. Marylou
    | Reply

    Wow! I could get lost in there. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Colleen
    | Reply


    I want the angel fountain!

  14. cathleen crawford
    | Reply

    Any idea what they are asking for the gates?

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      No I don’t have ant idea. You could contact them through their website and include the picture. If you have trouble send me an email. I’m going back there next month.

  15. Sally Harvey
    | Reply

    OMG what a dream!
    Thank you so much for sharing such a gem.
    Best wishes to you and Zoe for a fabulous Italian Christmas.

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Thank you Sally I really appreciate that

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