Trees and Hydrangeas

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It is important when you make a change to a new place to try too assimilate as best you can.  As most Italians go on holiday in August so did Zoe and I.  This especially important when living in Firenze because of the unrelenting heat.  In July and August it is typically 90-95 but his year it moved from 95 to,over 100.  It is actually the hottest place in Italy.  We took a fabulous 11 day trip Lake Como.  I will be doing a couple posts on this trip but as I was going through my pictures I discovered I had a obsession with trees and hydrangeas. This post is dedicated to that obsession.

These are taken on the road above the lake between Torno and Faggeto. The two little towns that Zoe and I stayed.





Look closely and you will see pears on this tree.

These pictures were taken from various ferry rides.So much fun getting from one town to another on a ferry.


These two pictures were taken in the gorgeous garden of the second place we stayed  in Faggeto at Domus Plinii 1792.  

Hydrangeas were everywhere and really big blossoms in all colors.  

This might be my favorite picture. 


The green isn’t the most dramatic color but I think it has a vintage look to it.






This was a great trip and I look forward to sharing more of it with you. 

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  1. Margo
    | Reply

    So unbelievably Beautiful! Makes me very happy!

  2. p s green
    | Reply

    Another lovely post! Here in cold wet UK it is so heartening to see your beautiful photographs. Thankyou ! Pats and gentle strokes to Zoe. Sarah

  3. colleen
    | Reply

    So Beautiful! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Jacqueline
    | Reply

    Lovely! I can smell them through my iPad.

  5. Charlotte
    | Reply

    Bills favorite flower. He babied one for years at our house and then we moved and they dig it up?

  6. Lina
    | Reply

    I love hydrangeas! Your pictures are wonderful.

  7. Savannah Woods
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this lovely post! Lake Como is incredibly beautiful and each village is truly unique in its own way.


  8. Barb
    | Reply

    What a gorgeous place!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Terry
    | Reply

    Lake Como is wonderful. David and have spent time there, but this year stayed on Lago Maggorie, in Stressa – another wonderful place. Ciao!

  10. Eric Cortina
    | Reply

    So beautiful. There is nothing like a tree in Italy !!!!

  11. Judith Rooke
    | Reply

    A lady of my own heart -ferry rides in that beautiful location to gorgeous towns and villages…..and hydrangeas – all the things that may my heart sing too. Off to do all of that (from NZ) in May next year – perhaps I will be a little too early for hydrangeas but there will be other flowers to delight me.

    • sally carrocino
      | Reply

      Are you coming to florence?

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